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... aircraft. >> catherine: in world news. an update on the hostage situation in algeria. the obama administration has flatly rejected an offer to free two americans held by militants in exchange for convicted terrorists. u.s. officials say one american worker was found dead at a bp-operated natural gas plant seized by extremists. algerian forces launched a rescue operation yesterday. algerian t-v- reports special forces have freed 650 hostages. however the number of unclear. a total of 12 hostages were killed in the rescue effort. in response the u.s. has urged algeria to use "utmost care" to preserve innocent life. >> the second part of lance armstrong's tell-all interview with oprah winfrey is set to air later tonight. but last night's revealing part one is still generating a lot of discussion and backlash. armstrong for the first time publicly confessed to using performance enhancing drugs while winning a record 7 tour-de-france titles. even by his own admission. armstrong's apology came too late for some of his former teammates and close friends. the head of the u-s anti- dopin
blamed the obama administration for failing to heed warning about threats to u=s diplomats. and for being slow to realize the attack had been planned well in advance of the unrest that was then sweeping through the arab world. the attack on the consulate comes during a night of anti-american protests in both benghazi and cairo, egypt. the crowds angry over a you tube video made in the u=s mocking the prophet mohammed. in the middle of the chaos, as many as 150 heavily armed men take position outside the benghazi compound. just before ten p=m, they begin firing rocket propelled grenades. the ambassador takes refuge in an interior safe room, along with an aide and two guards, the attackers use gasoline to set the building on fire. as the smoke grows intense, it to the roof and radio for help, but not ambassadorby one a=m, the attackers are gone. libyan civilians find stevens and rush him to a hospital. (chaos) >> pam: doctors try to revive him for 90 minutes, before pronouncing him dead of smoke inhalation. in the following days, the bodies of the four americans are returned. president obam
. and today vice president joe biden urged america's mayors to to help the obama administration in their efforts reduce gun violence. speaking at the u-s conference of mayors in washington today. biden says he doesn't want a repeat of tragedies such as last months school massacre in connecticut. >> i have been in this fight for a long time i have no illusions of the house distortions will come from all sides. and i know full well the political obstacles are not impenetrable. yesterday. president obama urged congress to adopt several other gun control measures. such as banningcapacity magazines. the vice president says the administration is ready to take on the politicalbiden also dismissed the n-r-a's proposal to place in america. >> pam: is tiger woods trying to get his way back? coming up, gary radnich. in a good evening, everybody let us take a look. >> we are going to get ready for a great football game. last year tophet we had a chance and is now this year we are going to find out who we play. now we can get ready to take care of business. >> tony gonzales with 18 years in
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3